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To W(o)ander | השתה(א)ות.

סדנת הדפס ניידת לנייר וגרביים -  שבוע העיצוב ירושלים  2022

A mobile print studio for paper & socks - Jerusalem Design Week 2022

A study conducted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2001, even before the smartphone’s came into our lives,  found that the mean amount of time visitors spent looking at great works of art was 27.2 seconds. 

We’re  all struggling with “paying attention” , the visual noise and daily nuisance surrounding us are constant. 

Our day-to-day is a lack of wandering, of moments of tardiness and daydreaming.

A Two wheeled mobile print studio will wander around Hansen's house design week’s exhibits.

Everyday would result a screen and a print, based on one work.

The screen would emulate the Present and the print would Echo it, they’ll forever capture a thought, a conversation, raw materials and structure. 

The Viewers would follow the print, that hopefully would allow them to stall a few more seconds in front of the piece, and maybe it would inspire them to wander aimlessly around other artworks and slow down and drift for a while.  

Jerusalem Design week 2022

Artistic Director: Anat Safran
Chief Curator: Tal Erez


סימני קיץ | SUMMER MARKS

סימני קיץ הזמנה copy 2.jpg

In the peek of our Telavivian summer , we built a cart with the bare necessities of screen printing,

With a Mobile Print Workshop we wander around painter’s studios in the south of the city, creating a small temporary assembly line, each day in a different place.

With Locality in our minds, 12 stops, 12 Telavivian painters leave their mark and impression on locally made textiles:

Fuad’s light canvas button down shirts, Shamir’s pillow cases and Mustafa’s socks, all made by family owned businesses that produce Textile in a dying local industry with its glory days behind it.

The act, the meeting, the talks, the repetition of the printed image , are all generating a printed log of a time and a place and the people in it- a printed log of another wet and steaming hot Telavivian summer.

Participating Artist: Tsibi Geva, Ido Barel, Alex Kremer, DIOZ, Orly Maiberg, Talia Keinan, Yaara Oren, Hanna Jager, Barbara Holland, Tirtza Fruind, Netaly Ayalon, Yoav Hainebach, Maayan Gutfeld.

The project will exhibit and sold in Alfred Gallery, 23-25/8/2018.

curation and production: Maayan Gutfeld & Yoav hainebach, H&Mem

b17de1b7-0cf6-451e-bcca-435f85261cfd 2.jpeg

Wall printing at Selina Mantur, Beit Oren, 2020

FW 2021 for Israeli sock brand Good o'l socks , Yodfat. 

FW 2023 for Israeli sock brand Good o'l socks , Yodfat. 

Artist Residency At Rena's House, TLV, 2017

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